Several People are Typing...

Sketch – Magic Mirror Marketing Images

As a self declared app designing nerrrd, I feel the moment of pure delight captured in this video must be shared.

Ireland: How “smart” are we?

Conversations such as  “Your name is James? Of course, I think my mother reads mass with your cousin” it seems, will live on. 

I didn’t tune in to the Apple Event yesterday. And then I went to work this morning.

Crossing the road, I notice some workers removing a billboard advertising the latest Canon DSLR Camera. Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary about that I think. Until I watch them light fire to it.

4 Quick Tips to achieve a Heightened State of Creativity

Creativity is unconventional. It lives outside the box and it flourishes in the rarest of environments.

The Evolution of Shortcuts

In 2016 a ‘shortcut” means lying in bed and checking the weather forecast on your phone rather than getting up to draw the curtains.

Gif-ing during Office Hours

While everyone else is abandoning conversation for gif swapping, we have been using gifs for an entirely different purpose for a while now.

Native App Development vs. Cross Platform App Development

Pin point what is most important to achieve in the design and development of your app. What will your users want and expect from your app?

4 Sketch Plugins i can’t live without

Style drop. The simple shortcut Ctrl + i, and you have copied and pasted your layer style properties onto the next one of your choice. As an app designer, i do this countless times a day. Ultimately saving minutes every week. More time to relax and let the creative juices flow!

When your phone battery dies.

The horror of phone battery death surpasses no electricity and laughs in the face of “no wifi”. Listen up. There are things we need to actively and immediately stop doing in order to move forward in life without the constant weight of impending doom on our shoulders.

Zero’s up for Grabs in the App Industry

Everyone wants that easy out where your app grows wings overnight and before you know it your ordering cocktails from your sun-bed on your privately owned beach on your privately owned island.