You were called a spacer in school, always daydreaming. You were a textbook night owl in college, bulldozing through your work at 2am and sleeping through all your morning lectures.

Creativity is unconventional. It lives outside the box and it flourishes in the rarest of environments. When your working day involves being creative, research proves that you will actually perform best when your inhibitions are lowered and you are unable to focus clearly.

Here are 4 tips to achieve this heightened state of creativity:

1. Watch that one last episode on Netflix before going to sleep. Nail down that guaranteed feeling of exhaustion and utter despair when the alarm goes off in the morning.

2. Don’t bother with your morning coffee. Sit there with your big dopey head and declare yourself ready for work.

3. Maintain a messy desk. Post it’s, chocolate wrappers, photographs, colouring pencils. The lot. Organisation is the enemy.

4. Skip the chicken wrap and down a glass of red wine at lunch time. Allow those unlinked, random thoughts to flow.

When i read “life advice” articles it usually plays out like this:

1. Read

2. Nod

3. Vow to begin immediately

4. Scroll down the page

5. Forget I was ever there

This particular set of tips i feel, are somewhat more achievable. I have another entire season left in House of Cards. I feel a productive week coming on.

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