1.Zeplin. Zeplin breaks down all the miscommunications that happen between designers and developers. As a designer, you will no longer have to hold your breath as you ask your developer to “scooch” an image slightly more to the left. As a developer, you will no longer roll your eyes at the useless measurements your designer deemed most important. Zeplin translates everything drawn in sketch into an easily legible design spec for the developer. Zeplin. Keeping the peace.

2. Style drop. The simple shortcut Ctrl + i, and you have copied and pasted your layer style properties onto the next one of your choice. As an app designer, i do this countless times a day. Ultimately saving minutes every week. More time to relax and let the creative juices flow!

3. AEIconizer. It’s a one click app icon generator and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Having come from Photoshop where editing smart objects, saving, and exporting layers to files was the “shortcut”… AEIconizer is the dream.

4. Marvel. Send and update your art boards to marvel in one click. No need to have dropbox or your project folder open beside you for repetitive dragging and dropping. If marvel is your thing, this is a must have.

That is 4 of many. If there are others you can’t live without, please let me know. Shaving minutes off my labour time leaves more time for daydreaming and having fun as i draw. That’s when best ideas happen!

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