• Voicemail transcription is on the way. Potential for some quality entertainment there. If you have that buddy who thinks their accent is “mild” – get them to leave a voicemail to prove your point!
  • An organised home screen is an organised life. You can now dump the preloaded crap apple so kindly offer. Goodbye Compass, Tips, Stocks and iBooks!
  • Emojis have blown the world of text messages wide open. Snapchat has redefined the realms of digital communication. Enter iMessage effects. You can now make your speech bubble bounce if you want to shout. You can send birthday balloons floating through your friends screen on their special day. You can write in invisible ink that the recipient can view only for a moment when they swipe over it. If only James bond had owned an iPhone in Goldfinger.
  • Apple are going big and bold with their fonts. As only glasses wearers under the age of 30 got to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of “Helvetica Neue extra extra light”, it is indeed more politically correct to use a font and font weight that is neither ageist nor ableist.
  • Apple created a Siri SDK, so we can now integrate siri into our apps at will. This will bring a siri-ous fun factor to planning and developing the scope of our next app.

We gave mention to a few of the funner facts. But typical of an apple keynote, there is much (much) more happening with iOS10. For apple’s comprehensive overview – (and in case you felt hard done by after just 5) have a look here – (https://developer.apple.com/ios/human-interface-guidelines/overview/whats-new/)

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