But a great app? A great app does one thing exceptionally well.

Dwayne Johnson needs no introduction. But why as an app design company we are blogging about Dwayne Johnson may need some context.


The Rock’s latest venture, an alarm clock app, has all the criteria of the next best thing. Let face it, there a very few entirely original ideas left. When developing an alternative, you need to do it better. Much, much better.

– The Rock Clock has no snooze feature. Why would an alarm clock have a function for snoozing anyway?

If you want to snooze, commit to your laziness and don’t bother setting an alarm at all.

– You can set your time to that of The Rock and get up when he does. Starting your day with the WWF Heavyweight Title 6 Time Champion is somewhat inspiring i think.

– You have access to a number of motivational videos and a energetic alarm tones from The Rock. No more annoying beeping sounds. Even when you are not faced with the groggy grumpy realization that you must leave your haven and face the world… Beeping sounds. are. simply. annoying.