As an app designer I use gifs regularly. While everyone else is abandoning conversation for gif swapping, we have been using gifs for an entirely different purpose for a while now.

  • I capture gifs from videos, resize and drop them into app prototypes.
  • I capture the specific user flow of a prototype to share with the client. It cuts out the need for emails with multiple paragraphs.
  • I capture and share the screen recording from my phone when using precedent apps as inspiration
  • I record my actions on the desktop when explaining a problem to our web host support team.
  • And of course, on occasion, I record my fellow team members on Skype when they are yawning.

My very first use of a gif mimiced a video background in an app prototype. After trawling through many (many) sites and applications and enduring a number of fruitless trial runs i eventually came across Giphy Capture for mac.

If all you require is to quickly capture a desktop moment, you can do it here in 2 clicks  – one to start and one to stop.

If it’s something you might find useful – this should be your next click…

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