Eating my wheetabix and flicking through radio stations I hear “waterproof watch”. Continuing to flick, (because it’s too early in the morning to make any sort of long term commitment) I swear I hear the phrases “1000 knits is a lot of knits” and “render 400 flying monkeys”. Convinced the lack of coffee is the reason for things not making sense I make my way out the door.

Passing the newspaper stand, i spot the headline “Rolex fears apple watch will take the top spot”. Rolex? Fearing things?

The train is full of grown ups chatting about playing Super Mario on the nintendo – but on their phone. With one hand. Curious.

Waiting in line at my local coffee shop I hear the guy behind the counter inform us “I’m going to start counting my calories as i wait for my eggs to hatch”.

Clutching my coffee and squeezing past a lady at the door, she declares, that soon enough everyone will be walking around the streets looking like taxi drivers with their fancy headsets.

Crossing the road, I notice some workers removing a billboard advertising the latest Canon DSLR Camera. Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary about that I think. Until I watch them light fire to it.

Following that, I find it natural enough that the couple in the elevator are arguing about which colour is nicer. Black – or jet black.

Finally stumbling towards my desk I quiz the office, “What have i heard about a waterproof apple watch?”

“Oh ya” they say. “It works because the speakers go into squirt gun mode. Genius.”

I take a sip of my coffee. Utterly bewildered. That is the last time i will ever skip out on an apple watch event.

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