It is of course, April Fool’s Day and we welcome the chance for yet another logo redesign (synonymous with all important dates this year at Mobanode) and the chance to reminisce over the revolutionary Nokia 3310, dearly loved and sadly missed by all.

Released on September 1st 2000, the Nokia 3310 sold 126 million units across the globe, revolutionary at the time with features such as a calculator, a stopwatch and a reminder function.

In the spirit of true remembrance, lets not forget such features as

  • Snake
  • Waterproof rubber keys that clicked with each press
  • Loud obnoxious ringtones
  • Bullet proof

Bullet proof seems difficult to comprehend these days now that the act of sitting down with your phone still in your back pocket is deemed as “reckless behavior”. In order help you along your way we leave you with this story…

“In February 2006, a British man’s Nokia 3310 fell out of his pocket as he lowered himself into his car. The man did not notice this, and went on to start the vehicle. As the car rolled out of the garage, eyewitnesses heard a loud pop and saw the car lurch visibly. Further inspection showed that one of the automobile’s tires was impaled by the phone, which appeared entirely undamaged.”