So you’ve had the eureka moment – you’ve gone ahead and designed an awesome looking app and now your gathering quotes for development. But should you be choosing cross platform development or native development?

Cross platform apps are written using one language that will build for multiple platforms. It is 1 project, which is what you will pay for.

Native apps are written specific to each particular platform. You will pay for a project per platform.

The main platforms competing for world domination are of course, Apple and Android. To quickly compare the two, there are currently 2 Million apps available in the iTunes Store and 2.2 Million available in the Google Play Store. The Windows app store has 660,000 apps available.

Where native app development excels:

  • If your app needs access to the device hardware i.e. GPS, Camera, microphone etc
  • If your app handles a lot of media i.e. images, video and audio
  • If your app is animation heavy, has complex user interactions, and the user experience relies on the app being very quick and responsive.
  • If your app works with large sets of data and/or carries out complex calculations
  • If it is important that your app feel familiar and intuitive to the user.

Where cross platform development excels:

  • If you want to develop a prototype to build an initial user base with
  • If your app has a short life span i.e. a one day event app
  • If the ux/ui is simple and has limited user interaction
  • If your application does not rely on interaction with the device hardware

Pin point what is most important to achieve in the design and development of your app. What will your users want and expect from your app?

For a more in depth look at all the factors check out this great link –

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