We dress and accessorize according to the weather, the fashion, your mood, your activities for the day, and we even partake in “fancy dress” for extra special occasions. Reference: “That questionable Christmas jumper that hibernates at the back of your wardrobe for 11 months of the year.”

Logo design and branding have a surprising amount in common with the “what to wear” decision. We ask:

  • Who is our target audience? Clothes Translation: who am i likely to bump into whilst wearing this?
  • What “personality” do we want to convey? Formal, casual, sporty, corporate….
  • What is unique and individual about our brand? You don’t always have to go “lady Gaga” on it, but you want to stand out from the crowd.

Whilst our Mobanode logo doesn’t feel the cold and isn’t particularly moody, we did feel it important that we treat it accordingly for all the special occasions that have occurred so far this year.

Take a peek inside our logo wardrobe…