Official Laws of Cricket

- Marlybone Cricket Club

MCC The Laws of Cricket

Marylebone Cricket Club presents the official Laws of Cricket app. This app contains:

– The complete Laws of the game of cricket.
– Detailed guides and examples.
– Animated Video guides for 15 of the most common Law queries, presented by Stephen Fry.
– Videos of all umpire signals.
– The Laws of Cricket quiz, with three levels of difficulty.

The Laws

MCC’s Official Laws of Cricket App for iPhone and iPad makes the Laws accessible for all, with information that’s easily shareable across social media. Whether you’re a player, fan, official or just interested in learning about the game of cricket, this App has it all.

The Animations

All 42 Laws are presented in an easy to understand manner with 15 of them given greater focus by means of animations, presented by cricket enthusiast Stephen Fry. Videos of the umpiring signals complete the picture to help you understand what’s happening on the field of play.


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