As a self declared app designing nerrrd, I feel the moment of pure delight captured in this video must be shared. Producing marketing material for your beautiful app should be an enjoyable process that evokes feelings of appreciation and job satisfaction as you watch your app screens “working it” in your mockup surrounds.

For most, the Magic Mirror plugin has eliminated the need to swap over to photoshop to create these mockups. The experience of minimising sketch, clicking photoshop and inevitably sighing as it takes ages for photoshop to even open is not one that will be missed. Not to mention opening multiple psd files (poster.psd, banner.psd, icon.psd, phone_surround.psd yet_another_psd_file.psd)

A slight variation of your standard “how to” guide for the magic mirror sketch plugin, and we have created a template for quickly packaging countless variations of marketing images for as many different app screens as you might need.

In a moment of inspirational alliteration-al genius I am deeming this guide “Magic Mirror Marketing – How to”

  1. Set up 5 artboards for your iOS Screenshots
  2. Set up 5 artboards for your Android Screenshots
  3. Grab a few of your favourite templates here
  4. Copy and paste them onto the same page as your artboards.
  5. Here is the magic mirror part – simply rename the screens in your mockups according to the artboard screenshot you would like to insert.
  6. Hold Ctrl+Shift+M to activate the magic mirror toolbar
  7. On the toolbar, click refresh page.
  8. To edit an individual mockup, select the phone screen and choose your screenshot from a dropdown list.
  9. Thank you magic mirror! Now Have fun with colour and text styles to jazz up your images collectively, and drop in any additional logos or badges needed.
  10. Export

And there you have it. Thank you Sketch, thank you Magic Mirror, thank you mom, thank you dad.

If you don’t already have Magic Mirror –

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