In the 16th Century taking a shortcut meant hiking across a forest en-route to the next town instead of following a much, much longer, windy road.

In the 17th Century it meant turning on the tap instead of walking to the well.

The 18th century meant picking up the phone was the shortcut for writing a letter.

Skip forward to the year 2000 and a shortcut meant looking like Victoria Beckham.

In 2016 they mean lying in bed and checking the weather forecast on your phone rather than getting up to draw the curtains. We’ve all done it.

By the end of 2016 they will mean registering for marriage through an app. It’s true. According to The Jerusalem Post the monumental life event of registering for marriage can now be carried out in a few unceremonious taps of a screen. The Religious Services Ministry is now shares a list with Alexander Graham Bell and Victoria Beckham. Who would have guessed all three would have anything in common?!

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