The daily struggle, mission, challenge  —  call it what you will  — of the designer is to keep every idea fresh. Every time you pick up a pen or lay your hand on a mouse or trackpad, there must be signs of progression and development, no matter how minor, from what you previously created.

I produce promotional material for mobile apps on a very regular basis and it doesn’t take long before you feel all your resources have been exhausted. The magic mirror templates are absolutely fabtastic and i want to share a super quick example of just how versatile 1 iphone surround is. (Keeping in mind the above file contains 21 iPhone surrounds, and the website contains countless files!)

  1. Grab your iPhone of choice

2 . Lock the iPhone layer and copy the screen a few times so it looks like they are popping out of the phone.

3. Duplicate. Presumably your awesome app has numerous pretty screens you want to show off!

4. Pop in your screens with the Magic Mirror Plugin.

5. Jazz it up with logos, images, instructions etc.

And there you have it. Endless possibilities, quickly and easily curated into stunning app promotional material. In case i havn’t already said it, thank you Magic Mirror!

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