It’s a shamelessly typically Irish thing to say, but going on the piss is a fantastic ice breaker. When you’ve seen a co-worker moonwalk in their socks across a table (because there could be glass on the floor) you feel you can relate to them that little bit more come Monday morning.

We have that exercise down to a tee. We continue to the point of destruction, and reunite the next day as tighter, friendlier, funnier bunch. It gets work done believe it or not. It’s constructive.

In an attempt to break the mold (and the stereotype) we organized a day time activity for some good, clean, wholesome, team-building fun.

Go-carting  — where everyone encourages each other to do well and it’s all about participation. Nobody is really interested in winning. I mean what good are bragging rights?

Bragging rights are all you have left to hang onto after you’ve been asked to step down from the table and put your shoes back on, that’s what bragging rights are.

It began the picture of innocence, there was a sense of camaraderie in the air…


There were pep talks, kind words of encouragement..


And then there came a point. Destruction was just around the corner and we all knew it…


Inevitably.. the winner emerged. We have our suspicions that some cars were faster than others. And helmets did not disguise those who resorted to the middle finger whilst overtaking on a bend. They were the multi-taskers of the group.


We tried to break the mold. We tried. But we continued to the point of destruction. I do think we work better as a team for it. I mean, what’s a middle finger shared in good-nature among co-workers? Constructive. That’s what.