Do you work in the app industry? Do you get sick of telling people at parties what you do, knowing what’s coming next? Or do you love it?

Lets paint the picture..

Some description of social event taking place (we didn’t say it would be a very descriptive picture) :

What everyone says: “So what do you do?”

You: “Oh I’m an app developer, how about you?”

What everyone says: “No way. If i tell you me completely original in-genius app idea how do i know you won’t steal it?”

We’ve all been there. Everyone has an app idea. Everyone wants that easy out where your app grows wings overnight and before you know it your ordering cocktails from your sun-bed on your privately owned beach on your privately owned island.

Currently worth 52 billion, the app industry is set to double in worth by 2020. That is $102,000,000,000.

We use our smartphones for communication both business and leisure. We shop with them, we book holidays with them, we bank online. We listen to music,watch Netflix and play games. We capture and share all aspects of our lives with our family and friends. We use GPS so we don’t loose our way on the road, we track aspects of our health so we don’t use our way in life. Factor in that wifi connection is improving both in availability and speed worldwide and ask yourself is it any wonder the industry is set to boom?

The next time your having that exact same conversation at a party, don’t roll your eyes. Grab a napkin and take down their number! There are a lot of zero’s up for grabs!

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