“The Brief” – A Tourism App for The Cayman Islands 

Show-case the Island Gems

Guide the Visitor towards Attractions, Activities & places to Wine & Dine

Easily make Reservations and Bookings

Send a Postcard

Share the History of The Islands and access all the Latest News

The Cayman Visitor App needed to encompass the experience of visiting the Cayman Islands in it’s look and feel while functionally helping the visitor easily locate everything they might need during their stay.

1. Branding & Logo Design

Brainstorming over keywords like “water”, “map”, “pin”, “sunset”, “horizon”, “location”, we turned a drop of water upside-down and turned it into a map pin. Within that, we captured the idea of water, the horizon and a sunset. We kept the shape simple and gave it context using a gradient of the island flag colours.

2. Information Architecture & Mindmap

The Cayman Islands are a hive of activity and attractions, any one of which are too good to miss out on. Via a tough editing process, we chose the most engaging content and organised it into categories of varying  hierarchy.

3. Wireframe & User Journey

All user journeys within The Cayman Visitor app are short and simple. Carrying forward our decisions from the mind map, the main menu allows access to the most important pieces of information and the side menu houses all secondary functions. Whilst the design behind the main menu brings the element of surprise and discovery to the app, every user task from that point on is simple and straight forward. The user has quick access to filters, can make a booking within a few taps and quickly begin again.

4. The Concept

Known for both it’s turquoise waters and exquisite sunsets, our concept is based on how the beauty of The Islands transforms over the course of 24 hours. The appearance of our main menu changes with the time of the day. Every time the user opens the app they will be pleasantly surprised by the new ambience evoked by the combination of images and hues used. The carousel on the main menu makes browsing the content fun, exciting and satisfying. The user experience is pleasant and it is simple. Similar to that of life on the island!

5. Your Interactive Prototype!

The Final Product of the Design Process

We work very closely with our client to create this product. We concentrate mainly on the core 6 – 8 screens when choosing the content and designing the user journey and user interface. When we are happy with the direction of the design, we work in detail on every other screen in the app. Issues and questions will always pop up along the way. We aim to have all of these ironed out before we hand over to our developers.

“I was very pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to Mobanode, Cayman Visitor is something I’m very proud of.”

- Neil DeVere
CEO and Founder of Cayman Visitor