The Sketch Plugin that just keeps on giving.

Every time you pick up a pen or lay your hand on a mouse or trackpad, there must be signs of progression and development, no matter how minor, from what you previously created.

The fierce funny Irish iMessage Sticker Pack.

You could say, we are entering into a business venture in conversational commerce. You could also say we just made an Irish Sticker Pack for the absolute shits and giggles. Either way, we’ve had the craic so far and we are excited about the release!

Sketch App Blending Modes

The trial and error method I use has 2 types of results.
Result A: A surprise image that drives your design concept forward.

Christmas Eve – this year just go for a coffee!

11am and the streets look like an anti-flashmob. Everybody is moving but nothing is in sync. It’s chaos.

Free Christmas Mockups!

Using Sketchapp? Download 3 fully customisable Christmas Mockups for iPhone & Android!

Sketch – Magic Mirror Marketing Images

As a self declared app designing nerrrd, I feel the moment of pure delight captured in this video must be shared.

Ireland: How “smart” are we?

Conversations such as  “Your name is James? Of course, I think my mother reads mass with your cousin” it seems, will live on. 

I didn’t tune in to the Apple Event yesterday. And then I went to work this morning.

Crossing the road, I notice some workers removing a billboard advertising the latest Canon DSLR Camera. Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary about that I think. Until I watch them light fire to it.

4 Quick Tips to achieve a Heightened State of Creativity

Creativity is unconventional. It lives outside the box and it flourishes in the rarest of environments.

The Evolution of Shortcuts

In 2016 a ‘shortcut” means lying in bed and checking the weather forecast on your phone rather than getting up to draw the curtains.

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